Learn about mountain rescues

mountains in fogOne of the goals for 1 Book 1 Valley is connecting the books we read to our local area. The action in The Finest Hours comes from the dangerous ocean rescue missions, which in many ways are similar to the mountain rescues that volunteers and first responders right here in our valley do on a regular basis. There will be two talks on mountain rescue missions in October:

Anatomy of a Mountain Rescue — Wed., October 5, 7 pm at the Cook Memorial Library, Tamworth, 603-323-8510. Bill Kane, who has over 40 years in wilderness medicine and rescue, tells how a mountain rescue unfolds, how information is developed, how a rescue plan is executed.

Rescue in the White Mountains — Thurs., Oct. 20, 6 pm at the Brownfield Public Library, 207-935-3003. Joan Veilleux — mountain guide, nurse, storyteller and part-time search & rescue volunteer — will share stories of what it is like to be part of a rescue team.


Spirit of Place

Canyon_de_Chelly_-_2On Wednesday, October 28 at 7 pm, the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth will host “Spirit of Place: Native Lands and Cultures of the American Southwest”, presented by New Hampshire Humanities Council speaker Patrick Anderson.

Patrick Anderson, a Gibney Distinguished Professor of Humanities from Colby-Saywer College, will discuss ancient sites such as Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, Hovenweep, and Canyon de Chelley, which provide a wealth of material history that reveals a complex culture pieced together by archaeologists and cultural anthropologists.

This event is funded by a grant from the New Hampshire Humanities Council, as part of their support of this year’s 1 Book, 1Valley project.

Composing a Further Life

NPR’s “On Being” show featured an interview with Mary Catherine Bateson last weekend. (Click here for link to listen.)

Mary Catherine Bateson will speak as part of this year’s 1 Book 1 Valley at Salyards Center for the Arts in Conway on November 5, at 7 pm.

Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth will host a discussion of Bateson’s book Composing a Further Life: The Age of Active Wisdom on Wednesday, October 28 at noon.