Covering many themes this week

Many of you may have finished or are finishing up reading The Double Bind. This week, there are several chances to explore the themes in the book beyond the book:

  • On Tuesday at 7 pm at the Bartlett Public Library, Janine Lapete, a peer support advisor at Conway’s Alternative Life Center, will talk about her experience with mental illness and her work at ALC helping others through recovery and maintaining wellness. Janine’s talk in Conway earlier this month answered a lot of questions and provided a human perspective to counter the stigmas attached to this frequently misunderstood illness.
  • On Thursday at 7 pm, Starting Point will present a “Clothesline Project” exhibit and discussion at the Madison Library. The “Clothesline Project” is a display of T-shirts decorated to commemorate victims of sexual and domestic violence. Attendees can choose to create a T-shirt to commemorate a victim.
  • See two different film versions of “The Great Gatsby.” On Wednesday at 7 pm, the 1974 version with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow will be shown at the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth, and on Thursday at 6:30 pm, you can see the 2000 A&E network version with Mira Sorvino, Toby Stevens, and Paul Rudd at the Conway Public Library.

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