Discussion report – please comment

Book discussion in Madison last night–lots to talk about, mostly trying to separate “real” events from the imagined or delusional, an interesting distinction when talking about a work of fiction, to say the least. All agreed that reading the book along with a larger community did add something to the experience, from something to talk about with the neighbors to raising awareness of certain issues. Most agreed that Bohjalian’s weaving Gatsby settings and characters into the narrative was seamless and believable. Many found reading the book frustrating, but felt less frustrated after reading the ending that places the pieces of the story into context. Everyone agreed that the novel was expertly and tightly constructed and admired Bohjalian’s ability to pull together all the elements into a cohesive story.

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One thought on “Discussion report – please comment

  1. Olga October 27, 2009 / 4:48 pm

    Our discussion in Conway was interesting for the variety of reactions. Some felt duped by the author’s twist at the end. Others were impressed by his skill at duping us!
    All agreed the Gatsby angle was skillful – so skillful they felt confused when they remembered the characters weren’t real – but then NONE of the characters are “real” – it’s fiction!
    We had a very talkative group of 12 (i think) and although we started at 10:30, we were still talking after noon!
    It will be SO interesting to hear what the author himself has to say and to hear what questions other folks think of to ask him on Thursday night.

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